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Opening a new path for a decarbonated business development

Located in the northwest of France, just across the English Channel from UK, Normandy is a dynamic industrial region, close to Paris & London. With its great port complex HAROPA and an efficient road  & transport nerwork, Normandy is your gateway not only to the 200 million strong European consumer market but to the global market as well.

Welcome to Invest in Normandy !

With a diversified ecosystem and a strong pool of human capital, Normandy is an ideal place to set up your business in Europe and to offer an excellent quality of life.

A team of experts by your side

  • AD Normandie assists foreign companies to set up their business in Normandy and develop their business potential. We propose different types of grants and aids to help your company grow in Normandy.
  • Working in close cooperation with local partners and economic actors in strategic sectors, we help international companies to integrate the local networks, to generate partnership and rapid growth.
  • The AD Normandie team supports foreign companies at each stage of their setting up and development process
  • AD  Normandie – A team of more than 60 professionals to help your company grow.


Que recherchez-vous ?

    • Pack Énergies Normandie

    • Stratégie

      Être conseillé sur les dimensions stratégiques de mon entreprise

    • Investissement

      Développer vos programmes d’investissements corporels et incorporels se rapportant à la création d’un établissement, à son développement ou à sa diversification

    • Trésorerie

      Structurer vos projets de croissance externe, de développement, d’innovation, d’opérations de rebond, de diversification de produits ou de restructuration stratégique

    • Création / Transmission - Reprise

      Développer un programme d’investissements se rapportant à la création, la transmission ou la reprise d’entreprise

    • Innovation

      Développer votre activité par des projets d’innovation démontrant un fort potentiel en termes d’emplois ou de compétitivité ainsi qu’une vraie valeur ajoutée en Normandie

    • Internationalisation

      Conquérir de nouveaux marchés à l’export en trouvant des prospects pour vos produits et services

    • Soutien au recrutement

      Être accompagné pour attirer, recruter et fidéliser vos talents dans le cadre du parcours « Solutions RH » qui s’adapte à vos besoins.


      Retrouvez ici les rendez-vous Solutions RH

    • Immobilier

      Financer vos projets d’investissements immobiliers et fonciers, agrandir vos locaux ou acquérir de nouveaux locaux ou terrains

    • Fonds propres

      Consolider les fonds propres des entreprises régionales, inscrites dans une dynamique de croissance

    • Fragilité économique

      Être conseillé dans vos démarches d’anticipation de signaux faibles de votre entreprise et être accompagné dans vos investissements ou rebond lorsque vous rencontrez des difficultés

    • Cybersécurité

      Accéder directement à la page Normandie Cyber en cliquant ici 

    • Réserver un bureau à Paris

    • Appels à projets

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    • Hydrogen : Pioneer in the field of Hydrogen based technologies in France for energy transition… Read more

    Industry 4.0, Mobility, and services

    • Automotive : Largest economic sector in Normandy. Electrical, connected and autonomous vehicles for tomorrow… Read more
    • Aeronautics : A dynamic aeronautics industry driven by innovation and technological excellence Read more
    • Digital : (Data, security, IA)A diversified digital economy, based on research and innovation in cutting edge technology…Read more
    • Logistics : Gateway to Europe with a dynamic logistics hub…Read more
    • Industry 4.0 : Highly industrialized region at the cutting edge of innovation Read more

    Food Tech

    • AGRI-FOOD : Topmost region in France for agro food industry, combining tradition, quality and innovation… Read more

    Health and Well Being

    • Cosmetics : Innovation, performance, security, environment…Read more
    • E-Health : Innovative solutions for connected health, wearable medical devices… Read more
    • Health Industry : Expertise dedicated to patient care… Read more

    Equine industry

    • Equine Industry : A global industry based on tradition, research and innovation… Read more
    See the dedicated page

    You want to set up in Normandy or to expand ?

    We Have the right solution for you !

    Turnkey industrial sites for your projects

    • Readily available
    • free of administrative constraints
    • Ideally located and well connected to utilities
    • Accelerated permits & authorizations

    Selection of offices

    • To rent or to buy, at competitive prices
    • In the right place for your project, according to your activity
    • A wide range of selection : from traditional pffices to colliders unique in Europe

    Whatever your project is, you shall have easy access to opportunities, thanks to our partner network all over Normandy!

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    A strategic location close to Paris in the heart of the biggest European consumer market.


    An open economy linked to Asia, North america, Middle East, Africa


    A diversified economy with strong agriculture, industrial, logistic, health, energy and digital sectors


    R&D Centres and academic excellence. High quality of human resources.


    A perfect ecosystem for transition projects : renewable energy, hydrogen, recycling, agro tech.


    A renowned touristic destination

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    A dedicated multilingual team offers personalized, confidential and free tailor-made services to help foreign companies set up their business in Normandy. 

    Guillaume TIRARD

    Manager of the Inward Investment team

    +33 2 31 15 25 74

    +33 6 02 00 99 02

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies

    Hélène DAPREMONT

    International business manager

    +33 2 31 53 34 44

    +33 6 71 51 51 22

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies

    Sophie DUTIL

    International Development Manager

    +33 2 31 06 95 05

    +33 6 02 00 99 10

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies


    International business manager

    +33 2 79 18 33 36

    +33 6 38 56 25 98

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies

    Michaël HIDRIO

    International business manager

    +33 2 31 06 95 67

    +33 6 59 68 09 62

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies

    Aparajita SEN

    International business manager

    +33 2 31 53 34 46

    +33 6 33 43 11 48

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies


    In charge of Administrative and back-office management

    +33 2 31 53 34 68

    + 33 6 43 33 21 96

    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies
    Invest : Follow-up of the establishment of foreign companies
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