Choose Normandy for business

Enjoying the quality of life in Normandy

– Combining history, natural wonders, beautiful landscapes, Normandy is one of the most popular touristic destination in France. Th Mont St Michel & the WWII heritage sites attract millions of tourists every year.

– One of the richest, most recognised culinary areas in Europe, the Norman cuisine reflects the quality and authenticity of the traditional products of Normandy.

– The temperate climate and human sized cities ensure an excellent and confortable quality of life.


A strategic location close to Paris in the heart of the biggest European consumer market.


An open economy linked to Asia, North america, Middle East, Africa


A diversified economy with strong agriculture, industrial, logistic, health, energy and digital sectors


R&D Centres and academic excellence. High quality of human resources.


A perfect ecosystem for transition projects : renewable energy, hydrogen, recycling, agro tech.


A renowned touristic destination