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[webinars] Choose Normandy: a week of webinars to promote Normandy’s economic asset

Publié le 10 septembre 2021

Choose Normandy!


Monday, October 11th | 14h30 – 15h45 “The program of the week

Are you looking to expand or to set up in France ?
Normandy offers investment opportunities in all the major strategic sectors of the future. Renowned for its quality of life, Normandy is also an industrial region involved in today’s major industrial issues, thanks to the presence of many leading French companies and major international groups.
In order to help you meet the right contacts and obtain the key information you need to make your project a success, we have organised 8 thematic webinars. Discover the programme proposed by AD NORMANDIE Inward investment Team.


Tuesday, October 12th | 10h00 – 11h15 “From Farm to Fork – continued innovation in Normandy”

Famous in France and all over the world for its gastronomy, Normandy can be considered as the most famous agricultural region in France. Largest producer of milk, butter, cream, leeks and apples, Normndy is also the biggest producer of shell fish thanks to its 640 km coastline. The food processing industry in Normandy is charaterized by high quality products that starts in the farm and ends up on your plate. This entire value chain is driven by innovation at each stage, used equally by big groups mid cap compnaies and start-ups. One of the focus areas of the regional accelerator Fast Forward Normandy is innovation in agrotech, agritech & foodtech. AD Normandy, along with its regional partners has implemented a special package to assist foreign companies to set up their business in Normandy.
Discover the dynamic ecosystem in Normandy and meet your potential partners or clients.


Tuesday, October 12th | 14h30 – 15h45 “Normandy excellence at the service of equine health and research”

Normandy is reputed to be the best region for horse breeding in France and boasts exceptional skills in the equine sector. The region offers resources that are unique in the world in terms of research in equine health & performance. Discover what Normandy can offer for your projects and find partners and business opportunities. Cutting Edge equine health companies have chosen Normandy to set up their business & thus benefit from the efficient ecosystem.
Why not your company too?


Wednesday, October 13th | 10h00 – 11h15 “Normandy: the future of hydrogen”

Normandy has many assets for the development of hydrogen projects (industries, ports, logistics and production of renewable energies / 4 MRE windfarms). The existing ecosystem is varied with dedicated clusters, strategic companies (Air Liquide, Ariane), scientific skills and emblematic projects (H2V, H2 Academy, Chereau). Normandy has the ambition to develop “H2 Valley” along the Seine valley, from Le Havre to Paris. The priorities are the production of renewable hydrogen that could supply the consumption needs of Normandy and Paris region and projects on heavy hydrogen mobility (in particular maritime mobility). These strategic choices, backed by the dynamic ecosystem, makes Normandy the perfect place for developing your Hydrogen projects.


Wednesday, October 13th | 14h30 – 15h45 “Scaling up in Normandy”

Close to Paris, Normandy offers a local ecosystem that can open its doors easily. The business support provided is more personalized than in Paris, and is much appreciated by start-ups established in the region. Accommodation conditions, access to financial incentives, local recognition and awards are multiplying. Boosted by the dynamics created by the French Tech and the different measures that support the creation and development of companies, the Norman ecosystem encourages the establishment of research and development activities but also facilitates the arrival of outside talent, particularly from abroad. From support to experimental sites, discover an innovative and welcoming region!


Thursday, October 14th | 10h30 – 11h45 “From fundamental research to drug logistics : the opportunities of the health ecosystem in Normandy”

With a wave of investments in 2020, the health sector in Normandy is demonstrating its quality and strategic position in the fight against COVID 19. Europe and France are renewing and reinforcing their production chain for medicines and medical devices. The health industry in Normandy is fully involved in this innovative approach:
– Ensure excellent, interdisciplinary basic research
– Catalyse innovation
– Improving access to the market
– Support the industrialisation of products
– Develop and promote training
Discover the richness of the Norman ecosystem and how each link is articulated with the others to form the drug supply chain in Normandy.


Thursday, October 14th |14h30 – 15h45 “Post Brexit : Building Ties ! All the practical contacts for your Business growth on the French market”

An overview of Norman solutions for UK companies to build ties with French market and partners. This webinar will present all the useful solutions to succeed in your project in Normandy, either in terms of logistics, or to anchor more strongly in the French market – by opening a subsidiary and live in Normandy!


Friday, October 15 th | 10h30 – 11h45 “Energy transition and industrial excellence”

With over 20% of its workforce employed in industrial activities, the seine axis is a strategic territory not only for Normandy but also for France. This territory concentrates most of France’s energy production capacity (3 nuclear powerplants + the two largest refineries in france). The Seine Estuary chemical complex is also one of the largest in Europe and the diversity of industrial activities in Normandy is truly exceptional (Energy, automotive, aerospace, health and agrifood) and backed by strong infrastructures and a diverse suppliers’ network and logistics solutions.
The territory has set ambitious energy transition targets, and all the stakeholders (public and private) have engaged in massive investments to support the industrial transition towards more efficient and less impacting industrial activities. These initiatives make it a great place to invest in innovative industrial solutions with collaboration opportunities with established industrial players and a strong government support.


Friday, October 15 th |18h30 – 19h45 “Masterclass – Quality of life and entrepreneurship in Normandy – Live at Château Du Breuil – Normandie”

In a magnificent location, at Château De Breuil, a renowned producer of fine Calvados and more recently whiskhy, let’s discover the perfect cocktail “Made in Normandy”: Quality of live , business, creativity.
With the testimony of entrepreneurs who have chosen Normandy to live and work, this moment of conviviality is an opportunity to celebrate our region. To conclude, we discover live original cocktails “Made in Normandy! “

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