The team

The AD Normandie team is composed of 50 employees, 6 of whom are dedicated to investment & International development.




AD Normandie

Alexandre Wahl

Managing Director

+33 2 31 53 34 40

With a PhD in Physics, Alexandre was a diplomat and then became Advisor for innovation to the Ministry of Research. He was the Director of CNRT Matériaux, a regional structure for the promotion of research in connection with enterprises. Before becoming the Director of AD Normandie, he worked as a consultant and created a corporate strategy and financial consultancy company. ... Read more

AD Normandie

Alexia Lemoine

Deputy Managing Director

+33 2 31 53 34 45 / +33 6 75 13 51 44

Deputy Managing Director, she manages the agency's partnerships with the Territories & Networks division. A graduate of Sciences Po Rennes and the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, she has 20 years of experience in local economic development, with a perfect understanding of economic actors and development tools. She has extensive experience in project management involving partnerships between public and private sectors and public sector financing for companies. ... Read more


Laurent Omnès

Deputy Managing Director

+33 2 31 53 34 58 / +33 6 86 40 84 62

Deputy Managing Director, he manages Normandie Développement, the department in charge of support and assistance to companies, international development and the business accelerator FFWD Normandie. Expert in the management of innovative projects and technology transfer, he holds a Ph.D. in Science and has, in particular, held the position of Head of R & D in the chemical industry, before specializing in the promotion of fundamental and applied research in the field of materials. ... Read more

Investment & International Development

Investment & International Development

Michelle Vauclin

Manager of the International Department

+33 2 31 53 34 68 / +33 6 47 62 04 01

Manager of the International Department, she is in charge of internationalization of companies and promotion of Normandy to foreign investors. With more than 25 years of international work experience in the USA, North Africa and Asia acquired in multinationals and other national and international organizations, she was Assistant Director of the international division of Normandy Chamber of Commerce (CCI International Normandie). ... Read more

Sophie Dutil

International business development manager

+33 2 31 06 95 05 / +33 6 02 00 99 10

International business development manager, she is specialized in business support services to companies for their international development. She is also in charge of piloting collective actions at the international level. Specialized in international trade, she started her career in the private sector in marketing functions and subsequently became Director of an SME before joining the Department of Economics in the Regional Council of Normandy. ... Read more

Julia Louis-Charpentier

International business development manager

+33 2 31 06 78 74 / +33 6 02 00 99 23

International business development manager, she advices and assists companies for international development. She is also a resource person for the Inward Investment team. After working for more than 10 years in the Textile sector, she joined the Department of Economic Development of the Regional Council of Normandy and worked on different types of projects relating to private companies. ... Read more

Aparajita Sen

International business development manager

+33 2 31 53 34 46 / +33 6 33 43 11 48

International business development manager. Specialized in international development of clusters and companies, Aparajita has a Master’s degree in Economics and is a graduate from ESCP business school. She has worked in the private and public sector companies in ICT and in consultancy firms. Before joining AD NORMANDIE she worked for the International Relations of the Regional Council of Basse-Normandie. She is in charge of Agrifood and agro resources, tourism, equine Industries, and cosmetic sectors. ... Read more

Guillaume Tirard

International business development manager

+33 2 31 15 25 68 / +33 6 02 00 99 02

International business development manager, he is in charge of prospecting, welcoming and providing aftercare services to foreign investors. With a double degree in Philosophy and International Trade, he has 15 years of professional experience in international development of private and public sectors. He worked in China for 6 years. He is in charge of Automotive, Aeronautics, Logistics and Chemical industries. ... Read more

Marc Wojtowicz

International Trade Advisor

+33 6 48 59 36 42

International Trade Advisor, he advices and helps companies in their international strategy. Graduated with a Master in foreign languages applied to business and a Bachelor in international trade, Marc worked two years as International Trade Advisor for Enterprise Europe Network within CCI International Normandie. ... Read more