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Set up in April 2016 by Normandy Regional Council, AD Normandie is the regional agency for economic development in Normandy. By supporting company projects, AD Normandie contributes to the growth and development of the regional economy. The agency is governed by an administrative board comprising elected local representatives and CEOs of several major companies in Normandy.

Agency for the Development of Normandy

  • Single window for all regional grants and aids
  • A regional investment fund : Normandie Participations
  • Partner of different actors of economic development
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Invest and Business development
Our team helps you formalize your project and identify solutions, especially for project financing, and effective project implementation.
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In partnership with the actors of economic development, we set up projects, organize events for developing business links and networks, dissemination of good practices and information for the benefit of companies in Normandy.
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With our partner SAS Normandie Participations, a regional structure for equity participation in Norman companies.

Invest and Business development

AD Normandie assists foreign companies to set up their business in Normandy and develop their business potential. The international team proposes tailor made solutions to the specific needs of foreign investors (business development, innovation, process management, mobilization of financial aids and other incentives…).

Welcome package

6 regional grants and aids


Normandie Participations: an investment fund dedicated to Start-ups and SMEs having its head office in Normandy.

  • Adding public financial funds to classic equity participation,
  • Co-investing with private funds actors in each deal.

How does it work?

  • Partnership with actors of financing (business angels, bank, private equity),
  • A capital increase to 100M€ is scheduled in 3 years.
  • Investment from 150K€ to 10M€ :
    • Seed Capital / Venture Capital
    • Growth Capital / LBO
    • Turnaround investment
  • An experienced team of 5 people,
  • Ability to be a long term partner for the companies we have invested in.

FFWD Normandie
Accelerate your business

  • An intensive coaching and mentoring program
  • A free of charge welcome package for foreign companies
  • A business, visibility & funding booster
  • 12 months of intensive program
  • 2 FFW’Days pitch to customers and investors in Paris and Deauville
  • 100 000 € potential seed investment
  • 1 or 2 Mentors per company
  • International level coaching and mentoring
  • Privileged access to European markets
  • 2 offices in Normandy Caen & Rouen


FFWD Process